Video surveillance solutions
Intrusion detection

Products for drones and robots

PixBoard : embedded video-processing board.
PixUAV, all-in-one solution for processsing videos from drones (stabilization, enhancement, super-resolution, moving objects detection, geo-referencing, …)

Security solutions

PixBox, a small video processing case, allowing on-the-fly video enhancement.
PixTherm, a software component providing real-time enhancement videos inside your application (climatic effects, fog removal, snow, noise, …)
PixFod, a software component providing detection intrusion for outdoor scenes, with advanced target classification and high robustness.

Research & Development

For all your needs about video processing, InPixal offers dedicated solutions.

Industrial surveillance

PIXSHIELD, an automated video patrolling system for remote sites.
PIXCAST, the swiss-knife of video acquisition/processing/streaming in a single server.