Image Enhancement – Image processing

  • PixBox is a small video processing case, allowing on-the-fly video enhancement : stabilization, enhancement, contrasts, contours, super-resolution.
  • PixTherm is a software component providing real-time enhancement videos inside your application (climatic effects, fog removal, snow, noise, …).
  • PixFod is a software component providing intrusion detection for outdoor scenes, with advanced target classification and high robustness.

Intrusion detection – Video-surveillance solutions

  • PixAlarm is an all-in-one intrusion detection server and notifier. Soon included, a drone detector.
  • PixShield is an automated video patrolling system for all your remote sites.
  • PixCast, the swiss-knife of video acquisition/processing/streaming in a single server.

Drones and robots equipement – Embedded video processing

  • PixBoard, embedded video-processing in your vehicle, drone or robot with this small board !
  • PixUAV, all-in-one solution for processsing videos from drones or robot (video stabilization, enhancement, moving objects detection, geo-referencing, …)
  • ASIO-155, a gimbal with embedded image enhancement.
  • Discover our STANAG-4609 compliant libraries.