InPixal is a dynamic company that develops advanced real time video processing products and software.
It acts mainly in the fields of defense, video surveillance, drones but also transport and audiovisual. By proposing innovative solutions that are cutting-edge but accessible, InPixal responds to the problems of image analysis of all types of customers in France and abroad.

Image Enhancement – Image processing

  • PixBox is a small video processing case, allowing on-the-fly video enhancement : stabilization, enhancement, contrasts, contours, super-resolution.
  • PixTherm is a software component providing real-time enhancement videos inside your application (climatic effects, fog removal, snow, noise, …).
  • PixFod is a software component providing intrusion detection for outdoor scenes, with advanced target classification and high robustness.

Intrusion detection – Video-surveillance solutions

  • PixAlarm is an all-in-one intrusion detection server and notifier with many image analysis tools. Including human, vehicle and drone detection.
  • PixShield is an automated video patrolling system for all your remote sites.
  • PixCast, the swiss-knife of video acquisition/processing/streaming in a single server.
  • Heimdall, image analysis using Deep Learning in Cloud.

Drones and robots equipement – Embedded video processing

  • PixBoard, embedded video-processing in your vehicle, drone or robot with this small board !
  • PixUAV, all-in-one solution for processsing videos from drones or robot (video stabilization, enhancement, moving objects detection, geo-referencing, …)
  • ASIO-155, a gimbal with embedded image enhancement.
  • STANAG-4609, discover our NATO standards compliant libraries.