Heimdall, Deep Learning + Cloud

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HEIMDALL is an online image analysis service available though the Cloud.
Its peculiarity comes from its off-standards capacities to find people or objects even motionless in videos and images files.

Heimdall, the artificial vision via Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a revolutionary technique allowing for example to entail a computer system in shape recognition. Once well entailed, the machine is then endowed with a kind of artificial intelligence because of its ability to recognize objects almost as well as the human being. Heimdall is a set of powerful calculation servers who are going to analyze the image which you confide them, then to answer you in an almost immediate way what was spotted in your images : human, dog, car, bus, bicyle, bottle, bag, smartphone, …

Great for video surveillance with an almost zero false alarm rate, robotics to give the machine environment awareness or to generate statistics, Heimdall opens you the doors of the intelligent articifal vision in an instant and to a lesser cost.
Thanks to its REST API, Heimdall allows an easy integration in white brand in all of your systems and applications.

To use this service, contact us to open an account.