STANAG 4609 Solutions

InPixal offers Stanag 4609 (from NATO) compliant libraries, for your needs in encoding, decoding, multiplexing or demuxing.


  • Compact server for encoding and multiplexing Stanag 4609 compliant streams (edition 7 inclued).
  • Encoding and support of every ST4609 ed7 datas, VMTI (MISB STD0903), local security set (MISB STD0601).
  • Low latency encoding.
  • Automatic conversion from absolute to relative when needed, generation of metadatas in “direct” or “interpolate” modes.
  • Integrated upload of DEM models for advanced coordinates computations.
  • Automatic synchronisation of video/metadata, PTS calculation and PES generation.
  • Complete control over MPEG2-TS output (PID, frequency PAT/PMT, …).
  • Broadcast quality MPTS flow (jitter, packet smoothing, DVB signalisation support).
  • Multi SPTS (or MPTS),
  • TS unicast/multicast network output, local saving if needed,
  • Support of the addition of proprietary descriptors in the PMT,
  • MPEG2 and H264 encoders integrated,
  • Integrated control of ASIO gimbal,
  • 100% web-based user interface.


  • Desencoding and demultiplexing MPEG2-TS library, Stanag 4609 compliant (edition 7 inclued).
  • Extract and support of every ST4609 ed7 datas, VMTI (MISB STD0903), local security set (MISB STD0601).
  • Multi-users/Multi-threads data diffusion.
  • Automatic synchronisation of video/metadata with “best-matching”, “best-previous”, “best-next” and “interpolate” modes.
  • Analyse and precise reporting of metadatas and error detections.
  • UDP unicast/multicast input or TS file.
  • MPEG2 and H264 decoders integrated (or external decoder if present).
  • Extraction of additionnal proprietary descriptors in the PMT.
  • Automatic detection of the SPTS, video/metadata multi-thread subscription.
  • API in C for an easier integration with other languages.
  • Available under Windows and Linux 32/64 bits.