PixShield – Video patrolling system

PIXSHIELD is an automatic patrolling tool for your remote sites (banking agencies, parkings, …), allowing operators to remotely check the various views of your camera. In order to assist the operator, PIXSHIELD embeds an automatic analyzer that filters the input video and raises a warning to the operator when something happens in the scene. All false warnings due to headlights, shadow, etc… are filtered, allowing you to maximize the amount of sites surveyed by a single operator.In addition, various picture enhancements filters are included, allowing the operator to analyze the images, event in very bad condition (low light, noise, …). An integrated tempering detector also helps to detect camera that has been moved or tampered.


Available in a rack server, PIXSHIELD offers the following functions :

  • Plan your patrols on an unlimited number of remote sites.
  • Starts immediate patrols, for urgent requests
  • Auto-survey of remote equipements (DVR, cameras), with subscription and analyis of sensors.
  • Permanent live view, for high-risk sites.
  • Journalling of all actions and events
  • Communicates with external supervision systems.
  • No installation on clients computers.